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Current HSR&D studies and projects

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Project No. 
Funding End 
C19 21-279 COVID-19 Observational Research Collaboratory - Long-Term Outcomes (LTO) Study Hynes, Denise 2024-04-30
CDA 15-072 Optimizing Access, Appropriateness, and Quality of Minimally Invasive Procedures for Veterans Yong, Celina 2024-01-31
CDA 15-259 Access to and Choice of VA or Non-VA Health Care by Veterans of Recent Conflicts Vanneman, Megan 2025-03-31
CDA 16-152 Optimizing Outcomes in Home-Based Primary Care Edwards, Samuel 2023-06-30
CDA 16-158 Improving Multi-Disciplinary Teamwork for Veterans with COPD: Mixed Methods Study Rinne, Seppo 2024-04-30
CDA 16-206 Improving the Use of Tumor Genetic Testing with Decision Science Becker, Daniel 2025-02-28
CDA 17-005 A Personalized mHealth Approach to Smoking Cessation for Veterans Living with HIV Wilson, Sarah 2023-09-30
CDA 17-006 Increasing mental health services use through enabling resources & family support Shepherd-Banigan, Megan 2024-03-31
CDA 17-007 Navigating Advanced Illness for Informal Caregivers of Ill Veterans Boucher, Nathan 2023-07-31
CDA 17-162 Peer learning to promote quality and appropriate use of percutaneous coronary intervention Doll, Jacob 2024-04-30
CDA 17-163 Building Supportive Learning Environments: Implementation Research in VA Cardiac Cath Labs Gilmartin, Heather 2024-12-31
CDA 17-164 Designing for Implementation and Dissemination of High-Value Heart Failure Transitional Care Hess, Paul 2025-04-30
CDA 17-167 Understanding physicians' diagnostic accuracy in the EHR era Meyer, Ashley 2023-09-30
CDA 18-005 Targeting Barriers to Pain Self-Management in Women Veterans: Refinement and Feasibility of a Novel Peer Support Intervention (Project CONNECT) Driscoll, Mary 2024-04-30
CDA 18-006 Developing a Team-Delivered Intervention for Smoking and Hazardous Drinking for Primary Care Veterans with Cardiovascular Diseases Gass, Julie 2024-06-30
CDA 18-008 Using telehealth to expand treatment access for Veterans with opioid use disorder Lin, Lewei 2024-03-31
CDA 18-185 Enhancing Social Connectedness Among Veterans at High Risk for Suicide through Community Engagement Chen, Jason 2024-06-30
CDA 18-186 Patient Readiness for Improvement through Motivation, Engagement, and Decision-making for PTSD (PRIMED-PTSD) Chen, Jessica 2025-08-31
CDA 18-187 Redesigning Medical specialty Outpatient DELivery through virtual SLEEP care (REMODEL-SLEEP) Donovan, Lucas 2024-12-31
CDA 18-189 An eHealth intervention to increase depression treatment initiation and adherence among veterans referred for mental health services Panaite, Vanessa 2026-05-31
CDA 18-191 Optimizing Critical Care for Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure: A Mixed-Methods Study Vranas, Kelly 2024-06-30
CDA 18-192 Veteran Engagement Implementation Strategies to Prevent Rural Veteran Suicide Woodward, Eva 2025-06-30
CDA 18-193 Expanding access to opioid use disorder treatment with buprenorphine in rural primary care settings Wyse, Jessica 2025-06-30
CDA 19-035 Telehealth Treatment of Veterans with Alcohol Misuse at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Blalock, Daniel 2026-04-30
CDA 19-075 Building Better Interdisciplinary Pain Teams Across Disciplines Giannitrapani, Karleen 2026-12-31
CDA 19-076 Development and Testing of a Veteran-Centered Lethal Means Safety Suicide Prevention Intervention Simonetti, Joseph 2025-06-30
CDA 19-081 Electronic Proactive Outreach for Smokers with COPD: Engaging patients to quit Melzer, Anne 2025-09-30
CDA 19-108 Improving Depression Management in Primary Care Leung, Lucinda 2025-06-30
CDA 19-120 Helping VA optimize its long-term care services Jacobs, Josephine 2025-12-31
CDA 19-233 Quality of Mental Health Services for Homeless Veterans in Primary Care Settings Jones, Audrey 2026-03-31
CDA 19-234 Developing Comprehensive Screening and Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Portnoy, Galina 2025-09-30
CDA 19-349 Improving Access Through Targeted Delivery of Telemedicine Wray, Charlie 2026-01-31
CDA 19-391 Development of a Tailored Intervention to Increase Veteran Enrollment in Cardiac Rehabilitation Bachmann, Justin 2025-12-31
CDA 20-032 Outpatient Palliative Care Implementation to Improve Outcomes for Aging Veterans Kaufman, Brystana 2026-12-31
CDA 20-037 Implementing a Clinical-Community Partnered Intervention to Address Food Insecurity Among High-Risk Veterans Cohen, Alicia 2025-09-30
CDA 20-047 Development of a Veteran-Centered Approach to ICD Decision-making in the VA Sandhu, Amneet 2026-06-30
CDA 20-049 Access, Quality and Equity of Anticoagulants in Veterans with Atrial Fibrillation Essien, Utibe 2026-01-31
CDA 20-057 Implementation Intervention to Improve Care for Unhealthy Alcohol Use Bachrach, Rachel 2025-09-30
CDA 20-067 Applying Positive Deviance Methods to Harness Optimal Practices for Effective Pain Management in Community Living Centers Pimentel, Camilla 2026-06-30
CDA 20-073 Telehealth to Improve Functional Status and Quality of Life in Veterans with PAD Gutierrez, Jorge 2026-04-30
CDA 20-104 Improving Mental Health for Veterans with Dementia: Provider Training in Caregiver Engagement Wyman, Mary 2026-06-30
CDA 20-223 Identifying Risk and Improving Care for Elder Abuse among Veterans Makaroun, Lena 2027-06-30
CDA 20-224 Examining Pre-Pregnancy Health and Maternal Outcomes among Women Veterans Quinn, Deirdre 2026-08-31
CDA 20-227 Increasing PTSD Treatment Engagement in Women Veterans: Role of CBT for Insomnia Carlson, Gwendolyn 2027-12-31
CDA 20-231 Data to Clinical Action: Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Care of Veterans with Opioid Use Disorder Hayes, Corey 2027-03-31
CDA 20-261 Understanding Community-based Mental Healthcare for Rural Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma Boykin, Derrecka 2027-03-31
CDA 20-273 Helping Veterans Navigate Dual Pharmacy Benefits Hung, Anna 2027-06-30
CDA 20-275 Assessing Trends in STI Screening among Women Veterans in the VHA Keddem, Shimrit 2027-03-31
CDA 21-032 Designing veteran-centered strategies to reduce and prevent food insecurity: A veteran and community-partnered approach Kamdar, Nipa 2027-09-30
CDA 21-044 Integrating personal values into primary care for Veterans with multimorbidity Schuttner, Linnaea 2027-12-31
CDA 21-057 Improving Safety of Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices in Veterans Dhruva, Sanket 2027-01-31
CDA 21-083 Health informatics approaches to reduce missed opportunities in diagnosis of pancreatic cancer Khalaf, Natalia 2027-03-31
CDA 21-116 Aligning Post-Acute Care with Veterans Values and Priorities Manges Piazza, Kirstin 2027-03-31
CDA 21-143 Hospital GamePlan4Care: A Web-Based Delivery System for Dementia Caregiver Support Horstman, Molly 2026-09-30
CDA 21-161 Family-Centered Co-Design of a Technology-Facilitated Intervention for Family Caregivers of Critical Care Survivors Blok, Amanda 2028-04-30
CDA 21-191 Adapting Treatment Delivery to Improve Retention in Evidence-Based PTSD Treatment Wells, Stephanie 2027-12-31
CDA 21-194 Improving Care for Veterans by Understanding and Facilitating Transition to Recommended PTSD Treatment Holder, Nicholas 2027-04-30
CDA 22-012 Provision of high quality telemental health care during COVID-19 and beyond Connolly, Samantha 2027-09-30
CDA 22-066 Expanding Exercise Programming for Veterans Through Telehealth Abbate, Lauren 2028-03-31
CDA 22-092 Optimizing Transitions for Dual-Use Veterans Living with Dementia followingHospitalization in the Community Ayele, Roman 2027-12-31
IIR 13-051 Development and Validation of a Risk Calculator for Total Joint Replacement Kuo, Alfred 2024-05-31
IIR 15-117 Spanish Online & Telephone Intervention for Caregivers of Veterans with Stroke Freytes, Ivette 2024-03-31
IIR 15-339 Improving Access to Sleep Apnea Care: A Pragmatic Study of New Consultation Models Sarmiento, Kathleen 2025-09-30
IIR 15-346 Comparative Effectiveness of Split-Dose Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation Regimens Yang, Yu-Xiao 2024-09-30
IIR 15-349 Weight Loss Treatment and CBT for Veterans with Binge Eating Masheb, Robin 2023-07-31
IIR 16-055 Improving Sleep as a Strategy to Reduce Suicide Risk Among at-Risk Veterans: A Real World Clinical Trial Pigeon, Wilfred 2023-06-30
IIR 16-078 Effectiveness of a Rescue Medication in Preventing Opioid Overdose in Veterans Oliva, Elizabeth 2023-12-31
IIR 16-089 Improving Access to Supported Employment for Veterans with Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Pogoda, Terri 2024-09-30
IIR 16-211 Addressing Sleep Apnea Post-Stroke (ASAP) Sico, Jason 2024-07-31
IIR 16-214 Evaluating the Use of Peer Specialists to Deliver Cognitive Behavioral Social Skills Training Chinman, Matthew 2024-09-30
IIR 16-232 Directed evaluation of provider learning modules to prevent venous thromboembolism after major cancer surgery Bentrem, David 2023-07-31
IIR 16-235 Improving Outcomes for Emergency Department Patients with Alcohol Problems Pfeiffer, Paul 2023-09-30
IIR 16-266 Veteran Access to Emergency Care Vashi, Anita 2023-11-30
IIR 16-267 Engaging Patients and Providers in Identifying and Addressing Modifiable Risk Factors to Prevent Community-Acquired Ulcers in Veterans with SCI Burkhart, Elizabeth 2023-06-30
IIR 16-287 Prediction and Prevention of Hypoglycemia in Veterans with Diabetes Miller, Donald 2023-07-31
IIR 17-028 Imaging Surveillance After Lung Cancer Treatment Backhus, Leah 2024-01-31
IIR 17-046 Measuring Veterans' Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Experiences Mohr, David 2023-09-30
IIR 17-056 Comparing an opt-out to an opt-in approach for smoking cessation in VA primary care clinics Sherman, Scott 2023-07-31
IIR 17-063 Defining Quality of Care in Lung Cancer Puri, Varun 2023-09-30
IIR 17-065 Rapid Referral to Suicide Specific Intervention in Psychiatric Emergency Care Depp, Colin 2023-09-30
IIR 17-068 Hearing Impairment, Strategies, and Outcomes in Emergency Departments Chodosh, Joshua 2024-09-30
IIR 17-087 Diabetes Disparities: Texting to Extend Treatment (DD-TXT) Shimada, Stephanie 2024-04-30
IIR 17-089 Understanding Mental Health Problems and Health Risk Behaviors among LGBT Veterans Simpson, Tracy 2023-09-30
IIR 17-095 Improving Outcomes in Veterans with Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease Ahmed, Ali 2024-03-31
IIR 17-113 Evaluating Care Coordination for Community Hospitalized Veterans to Improve Outcomes in Dual Use (ECHOeD) Gebregziabher, Mulugeta 2023-08-31
IIR 17-127 Measuring and Improving the Safety of Test Result Follow-Up Singh, Hardeep 2023-09-30
IIR 17-131 Advancing Suicide Prevention for Female Veterans Denneson, Lauren 2023-09-30
IIR 17-185 Continuing the Conversation: A Multi-site RCT Using Narrative Communication to Support Hypertension Self-Management among African-American Veterans Cutrona, Sarah 2023-10-31
IIR 17-200 Longitudinal Assessment of the Sleep-Suicide Link in Veterans Discharged from Inpatient Psychiatric Care McGeary, John 2025-06-30
IIR 17-201 Combined Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Brief Cognitive Therapy to Reduce Suicide Behavior in High-Risk Veterans Primack, Jennifer 2024-04-30
IIR 17-202 Models of Primary Osteoporosis Screening in Male Veterans Colon-Emeric, Cathleen 2024-07-31
IIR 17-221 Using Peer Navigators to increase access to VA and community resources for Veterans with diabetes-related distress Kunik, Mark 2023-09-30
IIR 17-223 Eating Disorder Screening and Diagnostic Tools for the Veteran Healthcare System Masheb, Robin 2023-09-30
IIR 17-228 Development and pilot testing of LIMIT: a multicomponent tool to support opioid tapering Becker, William 2023-12-31
IIR 17-234 The Efficacy of Masked Tapering on Discontinuation of Hypnotics in Older Veterans Fung, Constance 2023-08-31
IIR 17-262 Caring for the caregiver: predictors and consequences of VA mental health provider burnout Zivin, Kara 2024-09-30
IIR 17-263 post-REcovery LIbEration From Oxygen in Exacerbated COPD (RELIEF) Feemster, Laura 2023-06-30
IIR 17-268 Chronic Pain Management and Patient-Centered Outcomes Following Discontinuation of Long-Term Opioid Therapy Lovejoy, Travis 2024-09-30
IIR 17-277 Improving Palliative Measurement Application with Computer-Assisted-Abstraction Study Lorenz, Karl 2024-09-30
IIR 17-289 Mitigating Racial/Ethnic and Socio-Economic Disparities in VA Care Quality and Patient Experience Washington, Donna 2024-02-29
IIR 17-294 Participatory system dynamics vs usual quality improvement: Is staff use of simulation an effective, scalable and affordable way to improve timely Veteran access to high-quality mental health care? Zimmerman, Lindsey 2025-09-30
IIR 18-026 Promoting benzodiazepine cessation through an electronically-delivered patient self-management intervention Humphreys, Keith 2024-08-31
IIR 18-032 Optimizing the value of community care for Veterans with advanced kidney disease O'Hare, Ann 2023-11-30
IIR 18-034 How Can We Make Invasive Non-Surgical Procedures Safer? Using Big Data to Identify Adverse Events and Opportunities to Mitigate Harm Mull, Hillary 2024-03-31
IIR 18-037 Therapeutic Interventions to Access Outcomes and Disparities in Chronic Kidney Disease Among Veterans Kovesdy, Csaba 2024-12-31
IIR 18-040 A Randomized Controlled Trial of MISSION-CJ for Justice-Involved Homeless Veterans with Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders Smelson, David 2025-02-28
IIR 18-057 De-Implementing Testing and Treating of Urine Cultures in Asymptomatic Gupta, Kalpana 2023-09-30
IIR 18-077 VA Video Connect to Improve Access to Multi-disciplinary Specialty Care Giordano, Thomas 2024-12-31
IIR 18-087 Effect of Expanding Barrier Precautions for Reducing Clostridium difficile Acquisition in VA Safdar, Nasia 2024-04-30
IIR 18-114 Impacts of Organizational Variations on Access Management Rose, Danielle 2023-12-31
IIR 18-116 Attrition of Women Veterans New to VHA in the Community Care Era Frayne, Susan 2023-09-30
IIR 18-146 Evaluating the VA Make-or-Buy Decision in Emergency Care Chan, David 2024-12-31
IIR 18-215 Implementing Risk-aligned Bladder Cancer Surveillance Schroeck, Florian 2024-02-29
IIR 18-228 Engaging Patients to Promote Deprescribing Linsky, Amy 2024-08-31
IIR 18-230 MOVE!+UP: Testing a Tailored Weight Management Program for Veterans with PTSD Hoerster, Katherine 2024-09-30
IIR 18-231 Risks of Cannabis Use Among Veterans on Long-term Opioid Therapy Keyhani, Salomeh 2024-05-31
IIR 18-233 A pragmatic trial of brief CBT for anxiety in VA primary care Fletcher, Terri 2025-05-31
IIR 18-239 Optimizing Veteran Decision-Making About Use of VA and Non-VA Health Care Kullgren, Jeffrey 2024-07-31
IIR 18-244 Capturing the Dynamics of Homelessness through Ethnography and Mobile Technology McInnes, Donald 2023-07-31
IIR 18-246 Developing Tools for Dialysis Decision Support in Older Adults Tamura, Manjula 2025-09-30
IIR 18-253 Long-Term Opioid Therapy: Screen to Evaluate and Treat (Opioid-SET) Timko, Christine 2024-08-31
IIR 18-263 Identifying Best Practices for Medication-Based Suicide Prevention Strategies to Minimize the Risk of Medically-Serious Adverse Events Smith, Eric 2023-09-30
IIR 18-266 Optimizing Remote Access to Urinary Incontinence Treatment for Women Veterans Markland, Alayne 2023-12-31
IIR 18-277 Implementing the Behavioral Activities Intervention (BE-ACTIV) to Reduce Depression among Veterans in Community Living Centers Mills, Whitney 2024-09-30
IIR 18-286 Effect of Medication Management at Home Via Pharmacy Home Televisits Hung, William 2024-04-30
IIR 18-287 Strengthening Suicide Prevention Efforts for Women Veterans through the Veterans Crisis Line Dichter, Melissa 2024-06-30
IIR 18-290 Caregiver SOS: An Intervention for Employed Caregivers Helstrom, Amy 2024-03-31
IIR 18-314 Preventing Suicide Among Female and Male Veterans Not Receiving VHA Services Monteith, Lindsey 2024-05-31
IIR 19-013 The Effect of Screening and Referral for Social Determinants of Health on Veterans' Outcomes Gurewich, Deborah 2024-01-31
IIR 19-018 Improving Implementation of Outpatient Goals of Care Conversations for Veterans with Serious Illness Bekelman, David 2025-09-30
IIR 19-023 Addressing the Gap in Feasible, Valid, and Important Quality Measures for the Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Sox-Harris, Alexander 2024-03-31
IIR 19-027 Improving Post-Acute Care Value for Veterans Burke, Robert 2025-09-30
IIR 19-031 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Coaching into Care with VA-CRAFT to Promote Veteran Engagement in PTSD Care Kuhn, Eric 2024-08-31
IIR 19-045 Effectivenes, Safety, and Patient Preferences of Infliximab Biosimilar Medications for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Hou, Jason 2024-01-31
IIR 19-048 Post-Hospital Intervention for Veterans with Comorbid Bipolar and Substance Use Disorders Metrik, Jane 2024-09-30
IIR 19-057 Medicaid Expansion and Quality, Utilization and Coordination of Health Care for Veterans with Chronic Kidney Disease Petersen, Laura 2025-09-30
IIR 19-068 An Assessment of Open Access Audio of the Clinical Encounter on Veterans and their Care Weiner, Saul 2024-07-31
IIR 19-069 Optimizing Renin Angiotensin System Blocker Use among Veterans with Kidney Disease Navaneethan, Sankar 2025-09-30
IIR 19-083 Extended study of a long-term opioid therapy cohort: trajectories in pain care and patient-centered outcomes Krebs, Erin 2025-02-28
IIR 19-089 Use and costs of low-value health services by Veterans in VA and non-VA settings Thorpe, Carolyn 2023-08-31
IIR 19-097 Mindful Hand Hygiene to Reduce Infections Among Veterans While Enhancing Provider Well-Being Greene, Michael 2025-01-31
IIR 19-106 Outpatient Palliative Care and Prescribing Safety and Quality at End-of-Life Thorpe, Joshua 2024-04-30
IIR 19-118 Development and Validation of a Cirrhosis-specific Surgical Risk Calculator (C-SuRC) Ioannou, George 2025-01-31
IIR 19-134 Evaluating a Prescribing Feedback System for Acute Care Providers Ward, Michael 2024-09-30
IIR 19-137 A web-based program to improve chronic illness self-management by engaging patients and informal caregivers Trivedi, Ranak 2026-09-30
IIR 19-153 CoachToFit: Adapted Weight Loss Intervention for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness Chinman, Matthew 2024-09-30
IIR 19-154 Understanding Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Uterine Fibroid Outcomes among Women Veterans: A mixed-methods study Katon, Jodie 2024-09-30
IIR 19-168 Building a Learning Healthcare System to Understand and Improve Sepsis Outcomes in the VA TeleICU Network Blum, James 2024-06-30
IIR 19-176 Work as a determinant of health: A pragmatic trial of enhanced cognitive behavioral therapy to bolster competitive work and wellness in veterans with serious mental illness (WORKWELL) Kukla, Marina 2024-09-30
IIR 19-178 Diagnostic Stewardship as a 'nudge' to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use for urinary tract infections Morgan, Daniel 2024-09-30
IIR 19-187 Using Data Analytics and Targeted Whole Health Coaching to Reduce Frequent Utilization of Acute Care among Homeless Veterans Blonigen, Daniel 2025-12-31
IIR 19-202 A Patient-centered, System-based Approach to Improve Informed Dialysis Choice and Outcomes in Veterans with CKD Shukla, Ashutosh 2025-09-30
IIR 19-215 Understanding Impact of VHA's New Suicidal Ideation Screening Initiative: Veteran's Perspective Dobscha, Steven 2023-11-30
IIR 19-238 Continuous Wearable Monitoring Analytics to Improve Outcomes in Heart Failure - LINK-HF2 multicenter implementation study Stehlik, Josef 2024-08-31
IIR 19-265 Enhancing Geriatric Pain Care with Contextual Patient Generated Data Profiles Butler, Jorie 2024-09-30
IIR 19-340 Enhancing Access to Insomnia Care (EASI Care): Implementing Brief Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia in Primary Care Mental Health Integration Clinics Bramoweth, Adam 2024-09-30
IIR 19-355 Can services to address Veterans social determinants of health reduce their suicide risk? Montgomery, Ann 2024-06-30
IIR 19-365 Enhancing the Efficiency of Data Collection for Surgical Quality Improvement Massarweh, Nader 2025-04-30
IIR 19-378 Assessing and Reducing Opioid Misuse Among Veterans in VA and Non-VA Systems: Coordination of Fragmented Care Zeng, Qing 2024-04-30
IIR 19-384 Preventing Loss of Independence through Exercise in Community Living Centers (PLIE-CLC) Chao, Linda 2023-12-31
IIR 19-387 MyPath: A Patient-Centered Web-Based Intervention to Improve Reproductive Planning for Women Veterans Callegari, Lisa 2024-09-30
IIR 19-392 Passive Mobile Self-Tracking of Mental Health by Veterans with Serious Mental Illness Young, Alexander 2023-07-31
IIR 19-395 Impact of Combined Recovery Program and Home Telehealth Among Veterans with substance use disorders in the VA Inpatient Setting Santa Ana, Elizabeth 2025-09-30
IIR 19-408 Testing a Novel Dry Electrode Headset for Electroencephalography Telehealth Halford, Jonathan 2026-02-28
IIR 19-410 Defining Optimal Care for Urinary Stone Disease in the Veterans Health Administration Pao, Alan 2025-09-30
IIR 19-413 Montessori Approaches in Person-Centered Care (MAP-VA): An Effectiveness-Implementation Trial in Community Living Centers Hilgeman, Michelle 2025-01-31
IIR 19-414 Understanding the effect of rurality and social risk factors on barriers to care and surgical outcomes Hall, Daniel 2025-09-30
IIR 19-418 A nurse-led intervention to extend the Veteran HIV treatment cascade for cardiovascular disease prevention (V-EXTRA-CVD) Bosworth, Hayden 2025-03-31
IIR 19-421 Utilization and Health Outcomes for Veterans with Expanded Health Care Access Wagner, Todd 2024-06-30
IIR 19-422 The EMBER Trial for Weight Management Engagement Breland, Jessica 2025-08-31
IIR 19-425 Teachable Moment to Opt-out of Tobacco (TeaM OUT): A Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Intervention Slatore, Christopher 2024-08-31
IIR 19-431 Optimizing Pain Management in End-Stage Renal Disease Among Veterans (OPERA-Vets):Balancing Benefits and Harms of Opioids Wachterman, Melissa 2025-06-30
IIR 19-442 Empowering Veterans to Actively Communicate and Engage in Shared Decision Making in Medical Visits, A randomized controlled trial Gordon, Howard 2026-03-31
IIR 19-445 Community Care Utilization among Post-9/11 Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Carlson, Kathleen 2024-12-31
IIR 19-450 Multiphase Optimization Trial of Incentives for Veterans to Encourage Walking Hebert, Paul 2023-10-31
IIR 19-469 Collaborative Specialty Care for Gulf War Illness McAndrew, Lisa 2025-05-31
IIR 20-040 Evaluating Health Services for Justice-Involved Veterans to Improve Policy and Practice Finlay, Andrea 2025-12-31
IIR 20-042 Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Newer and Older Antihyperglycemic Medications AlAly, Ziyad 2025-06-30
IIR 20-046 Addressing insufficient positive airway pressure use among older Veterans with obstructive sleep apnea Alessi, Cathy 2025-09-30
IIR 20-048 Understanding the Effects of the MISSION Act on VA's Specialty Care Referral Networks Adams, Megan 2025-10-31
IIR 20-058 Multi-site Pilot Trial of Strengths-based Linkage to Alcohol Care (SLAC) for Hazardous Drinkers in Primary Care Cucciare, Michael 2025-12-31
IIR 20-076 Promoting De-Implementation of Inappropriate Antimicrobial Use in Cardiac Device Procedures By Expanding Audit and Feedback Branch-Elliman, Westyn 2025-09-30
IIR 20-077 PAtient-centered mUltidiSciplinary care for vEterans undergoing surgery (PAUSE): a hybrid 1 clinical effectiveness-implementation intervention trial Arya, Shipra 2025-12-31
IIR 20-079 Effect of Patient Priorities Care Implementation in Older Veterans with Multiple Chronic Conditions Dindo, Lilian 2025-06-30
IIR 20-089 Patient Risk Perception and Decision-Making about Adherence to Repeat Cancer Screening Gillespie, Christopher 2024-09-30
IIR 20-093 Stand Down-Think Before You Drink: An RCT of a Mobile App for Hazardous Drinking with Peer Phone Support Blonigen, Daniel 2026-08-31
IIR 20-101 Assessing the Sustainability of Compliance with Surgical Site Infection Prophylaxis After Discontinuation of Mandatory Active Reporting Mull, Hillary 2025-09-30
IIR 20-102 Empowering Veterans to Self-Manage PTSD Symptoms Following Completion of Trauma-Focused Therapy Kehle-Forbes, Shannon 2026-02-28
IIR 20-114 Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health in High-Risk Veterans Zulman, Donna 2025-09-30
IIR 20-115 Preventing Chronic Post-Surgical Pain and Prolonged Opioid Use: The Perioperative Pain Self-Management Program Hadlandsmyth, Katherine 2025-07-31
IIR 20-117 Veteran Social Support Intervention for Enhancing Smoking Treatment Utilization and Cessation Fu, Steven 2026-11-30
IIR 20-120 A Randomized Trial of Behaviorally Designed Gamification and Social Incentives to Increase Physical Activity Among Overweight and Obese Veterans Greysen, Scott 2026-05-31
IIR 20-122 ECCO - Evaluation of Outcomes Associated with Community Care Prescribed Opioids Duan-Porter, Wei 2027-02-28
IIR 20-146 Improving Anxiety Treatment Engagement and Effectiveness in Primary Care-Mental Health Integration: Multi-site Hybrid I RCT of a Brief Veteran-Centered Anxiety Intervention Shepardson, Robyn 2025-04-30
IIR 20-153 WOOP VA: Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions to Promote Weight Management in Primary Care Jay, Melanie 2025-08-31
IIR 20-154 Hospital In Home: Evaluating Need and Readiness for Implementation (HENRI) Intrator, Orna 2026-05-31
IIR 20-162 Implementation of shared decision making in rheumatoid arthritis: A stepped wedge, cluster-randomized trial Barton, Jennifer 2026-03-31
IIR 20-165 Care Coordination and Outcomes for High Risk Patients: Building the Evidence for Implementation Hynes, Denise 2025-03-31
IIR 20-222 Post-Acute Home Health Care for Veterans: Examining Payer Source, Quality, and Outcomes Thomas, Kali 2026-06-30
IIR 20-237 Surveillance priorities and outcomes for Veterans treated with endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair Goodney, Philip 2025-07-31
IIR 20-240 Pragmatic Obstructive Sleep Apnea Weight Loss Trial Assessing Effectiveness and Reach (POWER) Donovan, Lucas 2025-09-30
IIR 20-241 Patient Experience of Specialty Care Coordination under the MISSION Act Vimalananda, Varsha 2025-05-31
IIR 20-242 Self-Administered Acupressure for Veterans with Chronic Back Pain: A Multisite Evaluation of Effectiveness and Implementation Krein, Sarah 2026-05-31
IIR 20-246 Dissemination and Implementation of a Videoconference Antimicrobial Stewardship Team (VAST) Jump, Robin 2026-04-30
IIR 20-252 Targeted Contact Precaution Use to Prevent MRSA Transmission Harris, Anthony 2025-08-31
IIR 20-253 Path To Better Sleep + Virtual Coaching: The Effectiveness and Implementation of Internet-Based Self-Management Program for Insomnia in a Regional Healthcare System Hermes, Eric 2026-09-30
IIR 20-256 MOTIVATE to Improve Outcomes for Older Veterans with Musculoskeletal Pain and Depression Makris, Una 2026-09-30
IIR 20-258 Improving surgical decision-making by measuring and predicting long-term loss of independence after surgery Hall, Daniel 2025-09-30
IIR 20-259 Patterns, Processes, and Outcomes of Kidney and Liver Transplantation in an Era of Enhanced Community Care for Veterans Weisbord, Steven 2025-04-30
IIR 20-270 Impact of the MISSION Act on Quality and Outcomes of Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery among Veterans Groeneveld, Peter 2025-09-30
IIR 20-278 From Training to Practice: Understanding the Integration of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies for Depression (INTEGRATE) Ackland, Princess 2026-02-28
IIR 20-280 Leveraging inpatient antimicrobial stewardship infrastructure to improve antimicrobial-prescribing at hospital discharge Livorsi, Daniel 2026-06-30
IIR 20-283 A Novel Acceptance-based Treatment for Insomnia in Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Martin, Jennifer 2026-06-30
IIR 20-288 Clinical outcomes for asynchronous teledermatology Oh, Dennis 2026-05-31
IIR 20-299 Understanding Pathways to Care for Veterans who Screen Positive for PTSD: The PTSD Access To Healthcare (PATH) Study Bovin, Michelle 2025-03-31
IIR 20-309 Developing a New Method to Improve Primary Care Workforce Management Nelson, Karin 2025-06-30
IIR 20-313 Optimizing Veteran Recovery from Sepsis (OVeR-Sepsis) Sussman, Jeremy 2025-09-30
IIR 20-314 A comprehensive assessment of maternal health and pregnancy outcomes among women veterans Phibbs, Ciaran 2025-03-31
IIR 20-318 Impact of COVID-19 on implementation and outcomes of VA's Life-Sustaining Treatment Decisions Initiative Linsky, Amy 2026-05-30
IIR 20-322 Teaching Obesity Treatment Options to Adult Learners (TOTAL): A Multi-site RCT Funk, Luke 2026-04-30
IIR 21-014 Pragmatic trial to increase quality of care in State Veterans Homes: Improving safety using an evidence-based, frontline staff huddling practice Hartmann, Christine 2026-07-31
IIR 21-024 Assessing Quality of VA and Community Care in the MISSION Era Hofer, Timothy 2026-12-31
IIR 21-026 Virtual Care Strategies to Improve Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation among Veterans Park, Linda 2026-06-30
IIR 21-035 Direct to consumer marketing to engage Veterans in evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD Hundt, Natalie 2025-09-30
IIR 21-036 Leveraging a natural experiment to identify the effects of VA community care programs on health care quality, equity, and Veteran experiences Gellad, Walid 2026-04-30
IIR 21-065 Putting the puzzle together: Leveraging dual use to improve care for Veterans living with dementia Maust, Donovan 2026-03-31
IIR 21-080 Identifying Safe Stimulant Prescribing Practices to Protect Patients, Inform Key Program Initiatives, and Assist Providers Smith, Eric 2026-06-30
IIR 21-088 Using the Multiphase Optimization Strategy to Adapt Cognitive Processing Therapy Sripada, Rebecca 2026-03-31
IIR 21-100 Telehealth-delivered peer support to improve quality of life among Veterans with multimorbidity Gray, Kristen 2026-09-30
IIR 21-101 Collaborate2Lose: Collaborating with romantic and non-romantic support persons to improve long-term weight loss Voils, Corrine 2026-06-30
IIR 21-103 Improving Dermatology Access by Direct-to-Patient Teledermatology and Computer-Assisted Diagnosis Oh, Dennis 2026-09-30
IIR 21-104 Development and Validation of a Patient Reported Experience Measure for VA Women's Health Care Gray, Kristen 2026-04-30
IIR 21-111 Disparities in Trust: COVID-19's Impact on Minority Veterans' Healthcare Experiences Zickmund, Susan 2025-07-31
IIR 21-151 Identifying and testing a tailored strategy to achieve equity in blood pressure control in PACT Mohanty, April 2027-03-31
IIR 21-152 Redesigning Preventive Care Recommendations for Diverse Populations of Veterans Caverly, Tanner 2027-04-30
IIR 21-163 Comparing Quality of Care between VA-Delivered and VA-Purchased Care: The Need for Better Risk Adjustment Rosen, Amy 2026-04-30
IIR 21-166 Assessing Episode-Based Surgical Quality in VA and Community Care Settings Sears, Erika 2027-03-31
IIR 21-168 Comparative and cost effectiveness of diabetes medications Conlin, Paul 2026-03-31
IIR 21-176 Home foot-temperature monitoring through smart mat technology to improve access, equity, and outcomes in high-risk patients with diabetes Littman, Alyson 2026-12-31
IIR 21-184 The broken drug supply chain: The impact of COVID-19 on drug shortages and Veteran health Suda, Katie 2027-03-31
IIR 21-200 Gaps in Identification, Referral and Treatment of Cannabis Use in VA Primary Care Keyhani, Salomeh 2028-05-31
IIR 21-205 CompreHEnsive ViRtual Care for WOmen VEteranS (HEROES) Goldstein, Karen 2026-07-31
IIR 21-218 Serving All Who Have Served: Enhancing Suicide-Related Care Quality for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Veterans Chen, Jason 2027-04-30
IIR 21-239 Understanding CNS Stimulant Use and Safety in Veterans with TBI Faselis, Charles 2027-04-30
IIR 21-255 Pharmacist-guided, patient-driven management of high blood pressure in CKD: A Novel Approach Jalal, Diana 2026-09-30
IIR 21-273 Leveraging pandemic practice changes to optimize evidence-based pneumonia care Jones, Barbara 2026-04-30
IIR 21-275 Understanding the relationship between nurse staffing and outcomes: impact of individual nurse education, expertise, and effort level on individual patient outcomes Phibbs, Ciaran 2026-04-30
IIR 22-027 Heterogeneity in Treatment Effect Timing in Geriatrics and Palliative Care Studies Garrido, Melissa 2026-10-31
IIR 22-036 Improving Performance Evaluation of Clinicians to Support National Standards of Practice Doll, Jacob 2026-12-31
IIR 22-077 Development, Validation and Real-World Application of Comprehensive Metrics to Improve Hospitals'' Antibiotic Prescribing Livorsi, Daniel 2027-06-30
NRI 18-234 Tailored Approaches to Reduce Distress and Improve Self-Management for Veterans with Diabetes (TARDIS) Lewinski, Allison 2024-08-31
PPO 19-397 Management of severe hearing loss in the Veterans Health Administration Friedmann, David 2023-08-31
PPO 19-415 Assessment of cardiotoxicity in Immunity Checkpoint Blockers and other cancer therapies Vaughan-Sarrazin, Mary 2023-06-30
PPO 20-082 Engaging Transgender Veterans with Communication Technology Weiner, Michael 2023-09-30
PPO 20-148 Promoting Antimicrobial Stewardship and Patient Safety by Implementing Interventions to Evaluate and Delabel Penicillin Allergy Kakumanu, Sujani 2023-09-30
PPO 20-323 Optimizing Patient-Centered Routine Care at a Distance for Veterans with Chronic Conditions Baim-Lance, Abigail 2023-08-31
PPO 20-325 Applying Novel Analytic Methods to Address the Impact of Race on Patient-Provider Communication Saha, Somnath 2023-06-30
PPO 20-346 Clinical care needs and experiences for patients with spinal cord injury identifying as LGBT Kiratli, B. 2023-09-30
PPO 21-067 Client Language Analysis in Veterans and Non-Veterans with Low Motivation to Quit Smoking: Identifying Mechanisms of Change Herbst, Ellen 2024-03-31
PPO 21-074 Addressing loneliness and substance use with telehealth CBT Ashrafioun, Lisham 2023-09-30
PPO 21-204 Understanding Reasons for Underdiagnosis and Undertreatment of Primary Hyperparathyroidism in the VA Makris, Konstantinos 2023-09-30
PPO 21-221 PRN Blood Pressure Medication Use in VA Hospitals: A Mixed Methods Approach Canales, Muna 2023-10-31
PPO 21-225 Developing and Pilot-testing a Yoga Program to Address Post-prostatectomy Side-effects Among Veterans with Prostate Cancer Silva, Abigail 2024-12-31
PPO 21-229 VET-Spirit: A Pilot Feasibility and Acceptability Trial to Address Spiritual Needs in Seriously-Ill Veterans Steinhauser, Karen 2024-06-30
PPO 21-247 Understanding and Improving Video-Based Primary Care Delivery to Veterans Der-Martirosian, Claudia 2025-02-28
PPO 21-272 Designing a novel post-incident intervention to address patient harassment of staff in VA primary care settings Fenwick, Karissa 2024-09-30
PPO 22-032 Narrative-Based Cultural Humility Training to Ensure Affirming Care for Transgender and Gender Diverse Veterans Across Services: A Pilot Feasibility Study Wasmuth, Sally 2024-09-30
PPO 22-091 Preliminary Implementation of an Informational Nudge to Improve Heart Failure Prescribing Dev, Sandesh 2024-10-31
PPO 22-191 Precision Pharmacogenomic Perioperative Prediction Barrett, Thomas 2025-01-31
RCS 00-001 Quality and Care of Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Treatment Timko, Christine 2024-06-30
RCS 03-155 Research Career Scientist Award Piette, John 2029-12-31
RCS 04-141 Evaluating Treatment & Self-help Methods of Improving Functioning & Quality of Life Outcomes of Patients with Substance Abuse Disorders Humphreys, Keith 2024-06-30
RCS 05-195 Research Career Scientist Award Yano, Elizabeth 2026-09-30
RCS 08-027 Research Career Scientist Award Bosworth, Hayden 2027-02-28
RCS 10-391 Research Career Scientist Maciejewski, Matthew 2027-07-31
RCS 11-222 Research Career Scientist Award Krein, Sarah 2026-03-31
RCS 14-232 HSR&D Career Scientist Sox-Harris, Alexander 2024-09-30
RCS 14-443 Research Career Scientist Award Voils, Corrine 2026-03-31
RCS 17-153 RCS Fortney, John 2029-09-30
RCS 17-154 Career Scientist Award Wagner, Todd 2027-06-30
RCS 17-297 Research Career Scientist Award Pugh, Mary Jo 2028-06-30
RCS 19-002 Research Career Scientist Award Damush, Teresa 2024-03-31
RCS 19-332 Research Career Scientist Award Allen, Kelli 2024-04-30
RCS 19-333 Research Career Scientist Award Ilgen, Mark 2024-07-31
RCS 20-191 Research Career Scientist Award Martin, Jennifer 2025-06-30
RCS 20-192 Research Career Scientist Award Evans, Charlesnika 2025-09-30
RCS 21-135 Research Career Scientist Award Hamilton, Alison 2026-09-30
RCS 21-136 Research Career Scientist Award Hynes, Denise 2028-09-30
RCS 21-137 Research Career Scientist Award Van Houtven, Courtney 2026-09-30
RCS 21-138 Research Career Scientist Award Zivin, Kara 2026-09-30
RCS 21-139 Research Career Scientist Award Hartmann, Christine 2026-09-30
RCS 97-401 Research Career Scientist Award Rosen, Amy 2025-09-30
RCS 98-354 Research Career Scientist Award Weaver, Frances 2027-09-30
SDR 10-012 Women's Health Research Consortium/Practice-Based Research Network Yano, Elizabeth 2026-09-30
SDR 15-197 Evaluation of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Gulf War Illness Simpson, Tracy 2023-09-30
SDR 16-348 PRIME Care (PRecision medicine In MEntal health Care) Oslin, David 2023-09-30
SDR 17-306 Complementary and Integrative Health for Pain in the VA: A National Demonstration Project (NIH-VA-DOD Joint Initiative) Taylor, Stephanie 2024-03-31
SDR 18-148 Improving Colonoscopy Quality for Colorectal Cancer Screening in the National VA Healthcare System Gawron, Andrew 2024-03-29
SDR 18-150 Addressing Intimate Partner Violence Among Women Veterans: Evaluating the Impact and Effectiveness of VHA's Response Iverson, Katherine 2024-04-30
SDR 18-194 Advancing the Phenotyping of Acute Kidney Injury for the Million Veteran Program Siew, Edward 2023-12-31
SDR 18-313 Home Excellence Research and Outcomes Center to Advance, Redefine and Evaluate Non-Institutional Caregiving (HERO CARE) Leykum, Luci 2023-09-30
SDR 19-326 Storm RPE Analysis Frakt, Austin 2023-09-30
SDR 19-327 Community Care/Mission Act Virtual Research Network Garrido, Melissa 2023-09-30
SDR 19-328 Access Core Garrido, Melissa 2023-09-30
SDR 19-345 Can suicide theory-guided natural language processing of clinical progress notes improve existing prediction models of Veteran suicide mortality? Sox-Harris, Alexander 2024-11-30
SDR 19-354 Public messaging to increase treatment seeking among Veterans at risk for suicide during transition from military service Karras-Pilato, Elizabeth 2025-09-30
SDR 19-443 Effectiveness and Implementation of eScreening in Post 9/11 Transition Programs Pittman, James 2025-03-31
SDR 20-030 VA-DoD Long-Term Impact of Military-Relevant Brain Injury Consortium (LIMBIC): Health Economics Study (HX003155) Dismuke Greer, Clara 2024-09-30
SDR 20-044 A Multi-Method Examination of Veteran Crisis Line Emergency Dispatches Britton, Peter 2025-02-28
SDR 20-136 A Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Multisite Trial of a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group for Veterans at High-Risk for Suicide Attempt Decker, Suzanne 2027-09-30
SDR 20-197 Coordinating Hub to Promote Research Optimizing Veteran-centric EHR Yano, Elizabeth 2025-03-31
SDR 20-350 Assessing an Initiative to Facilitate Long-Term Financial and Housing Stability in Vulnerable Veterans Nelson, Richard 2025-09-30
SDR 20-361 Racial Bias in a VA Algorithm for High-Risk Veterans Navathe, Amol 2025-01-31
SDR 20-368 Data-Driven Methods to Identify Social Determinants of Health Frey, Lewis 2025-09-30
SDR 20-373 WISDOM for VA: Passive Recruitment Facilitation Scheuner, Maren 2023-09-30
SDR 20-388 Relational Coordination in the Veterans Health Administration Gilmartin, Heather 2023-06-30
SDR 20-390 Community Care Research Evaluation and Knowledge (CREEK) Center Mattocks, Kristin 2023-09-30
SDR 20-390-B Assessing the Quality of Community Obstetrical Care for Veterans Kroll-Desrosiers, Aimee 2023-06-30
SDR 20-390-C Intended and Unintended Consequences of the MISSION Act for Medicare-Eligible Veterans Rose, Liam 2023-09-30
SDR 20-392 Multisite Replication of the Transitional Care Model Beard, Rachael 2023-07-31
SDR 21-001 Addressing Social Determinants of Health Among Rural Veterans Gurewich, Deborah 2025-08-31
SDR 21-012 Options for Pain Management using Nonpharmacological Strategies (OPTIONS) Matthias, Marianne 2026-10-31
SDR 21-018 Telehealth CBT to increase engagement in pain treatment among Veterans using prescription opioids Ashrafioun, Lisham 2026-04-30
SDR 21-046 Exposure to Suicide Among Post 9/11 Veterans: Prevalence, Correlates and Treatment Needs Sayer, Nina 2026-06-30
SDR 21-075 Measurement-Based Transition Assistance (MBTA): Evaluating the Promise of a Web-Based Approach to Promote Veterans' Support Seeking Vogt, Dawne 2023-09-30
SDR 21-087 Increasing Social Connection Through Crisis Caring Contacts: A Pragmatic Trial Teo, Alan 2027-01-31
SDR 21-089 Strategies to improve Utilization of Post-overdose Evidence-based Risk mitigation among Non-fatal Overdoses in VA (SUPER NOVA) Oliva, Elizabeth 2027-01-31
SDR 21-092 COVID-19 Impact on Pain management: Highlighting, Explaining, and Realigning services (CIPHER) McGuire, Alan 2025-03-31
SDR 21-098 Engaging Veterans in Developing an Intervention to Address Racial Disparities in Cesarean Sections Mattocks, Kristin 2023-10-31
SDR 21-107 Diagnosing and Treating Veterans with Chronic Pain and Opioid Misuse Lagisetty, Pooja 2025-12-31
SDR 21-108 Role of Non-pharmacological Pain Treatments in Safe and Effective Opioid Tapering in Chronic Pain Black, Anne 2026-04-30
SDR 21-114 Virtual MOUD Treatment: Virtual Point-of-Care Toxicology Testing to Accompany Virtual Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Hermes, Eric 2023-08-31
SDR 21-123 Clinical context of SuicIde following OPIOID transitionS in Veterans, CSI:OPIOIDS-V Kertesz, Stefan 2026-06-30
SDR 21-133 Identifying Modifiable Factors that Affect Veterans At-Risk due to Social Determinants of Health and Psychological Distress Access to Care Within Integrated Primary Care Settings Funderburk, Jennifer 2026-05-31
SDR 21-141 Developing and Testing a COVID-19 Vaccination Acceptance Intervention Seal, Karen 2024-09-30
SDR 21-150 Using Big Data and Machine Learning to Understand the Association Between Altitude and Suicide among Veterans Kimbrel, Nathan 2023-10-31
SDR 21-178 Pandemic-Related Disruptions in care for Veterans on Insulin Pumps (PD-VIP): A Mixed Methods Analysis Estock, Jamie 2025-05-31
SDR 21-226 Examining linkages between disrupted care and chronic disease outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic: a VAMC level spatio-temporal analysis, Hunt, Kelly 2025-05-31
SDR 21-227 Impact of COVID-era Disrupted Care on Disparities in Outcomes among Veterans with Kidney Failure Wang, Virginia 2024-07-31
SDR 21-232 Evaluating the Impact of COVID-19 on Case Management, Health Care Utilization, and Housing Outcomes for HUD-VASH Veterans Jutkowitz, Eric 2025-05-31
SDR 21-242 Impact of COVID-19 on Continuity of Care for Veterans on Antipsychotic Medications Grubaugh, Anouk 2024-10-31
SDR 21-248 Maintaining Preventive Care during Public Health Emergencies through Effective Coordination Hysong, Sylvia 2024-09-30
SDR 21-263 Impact of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic on Cardiovascular HealthcareUtilization, Quality of Care, and Clinical Outcomes Waldo, Stephen 2025-03-31
SDR 21-274 COVID-19 Preventive Health Inventory: Evaluating a primary care approach to catching-up on needed chronic and preventive care for Veterans Reddy, Ashok 2024-09-30
SDR 21-302 Leveraging the Power of VA Data to Understand Long COVID AlAly, Ziyad 2023-07-31
SDR 21-304 Needs, preferences, and perceived barriers and facilitators for gender-affirming surgeries for transgender and gender diverse Veterans: moving towards a more inclusive VHA Littman, Alyson 2023-09-30
SDR 22-058 Gender differences in Veteran reintegration and associated suicide risk Denneson, Lauren 2027-10-31

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