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SERVE Toolkit Section 6: Resources

If you have difficulty locating any of the resources listed here, contact your local VA librarian for assistance.

6.1 Case Studies – Models of Veteran Engagement across VA

Case Studies:


6.2 Governance – Bylaws, Charters, and Memo of Understanding





6.3 Recruitment Materials

Trifold Brochures:


Information Sheet & Application


Position Descriptions

Interview Materials

Letters and Memos

Recruitment Report

Below are examples of recruiting materials from two Veteran Engagement Groups funded in FY22. The Rural Colorado Veterans Research Engagement Board (RCVREB) is sustainably funded and facilitated by the GROVE Center. The Iowa materials come from a project-specific Veteran Engagement Board for a project titled Serious Illness Care Conversations (SICC).

6.4 Training Materials

6.4.1 Researchers

6.4.2 Veterans and Stakeholders

Durham VetREP Veteran Engagement Training Toolkit

Facilitation Training Information, General

Technology Distribution (internet-ready devices provided to Veterans)

6.5 Templates for Abstracts, Agendas, and Notes/Minutes

Meeting Agendas


Orientation Agenda

Meeting Minutes

6.6 Evaluation Materials

Evaluation Plan

Evaluation Template

Interview Guides


6.7 Dissemination Products




6.8 Cyberseminars

Several cyberseminars regarding Veteran Engagement have been recorded and are available to view through the links listed here.

6.9 Additional Toolkits

Engaging Veterans in Research Toolkit. Safdar N, Brys NA. William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital. Madison, WI; 2017. This toolkit is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Its materials are available free of charge and can be used without permission; however, the authors ask that you register with HIPxChange prior to using the toolkit so that they may provide information on usage to their funders.

Available at (Accessed 5/10/18) Also see: Brys N, Whittle J, Safdar N. Development of a Veteran Engagement Toolkit for Researchers. J Comp Eff Res 2018; In press.

Advanced Topics for Implementation Science Research: Community Based Participatory Research and Community Engaged Research: Facilitating Implementation Science Outcomes

Available at: (Accessed 4/1/18)

Patient Engagement Workbook. Madrid S, Wright L. Healthcare Systems Research Network Patient Engagement in Research Scientific Interest Group (PER SIG). 10/2/2014.

Available at:

(Accessed 5/17/18)

6.10 Reports about Veteran Engagement (to date)

PCORI Ways of Engaging ENgagement ACtivity Tool (WE-ENACT): Preliminary Results

Available at: (Accessed 4/1/18)

Veteran Engagement Workgroup, Final Report. Oct. 2, 2015. Available on the intranet at: (Accessed 5/23/18)

6.11 Consultation Assistance

University of Wisconsin School of Nursing. Available at: (Accessed 5/10/18)

The HSR&D Veteran Engagement Workgroup. At the time of publication, the contacts for this program are:

JAM SESSIONS, an informal monthly call to discuss Veteran Engagement activities and draw on the wisdom of colleagues. At the time of publication, the contacts for this program are:

6.12 Opportunities, or Engagement Beyond Advice

There are numerous areas for expansion of engagement that go beyond the scope of this Toolkit. A few ideas are listed below. These are merely early thoughts about what else can be considered as we continue to move Veteran Engagement forward and improve our processes over time.

  • Increased collaboration with Veteran organizations – The DryHootch Partners for Veterans Health, including the Wisconsin Warrior Summit, has taken further steps in Engagement beyond feedback. There is a lot of information about the program, including abstracts from the summit.
    • See also this video detailing the origins of Dryhootch.
    • This white paper details VSO partnerships made by Dr. Jeff Whittle and Mr. Mark Flower.
  • Expand the role of research into providing repositories for data, as in the work presented by Mark Helfand and DIPEx collaborators. See Erika Cottrell’s and Rachel Grob’s cyberseminar “Leveraging Health Experience Research to Enhance Veteran Engagement in Research” (accessed 5/24/18)
  • Incorporate patients and system users to increase relevance of research. The Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), administered through the Army branch of the active duty military, addressed stakeholder engagement. More information is available at: (Accessed 5/10/18)
  • Incorporate Photo Voice or Photo Elicitation into your research. This is an FAQ style toolkit for investigators looking to use photovoice methods or photo-elicitation interviews in their project, written by Dr. Gala True.

6.13 Literature: Selected Readings

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See also: (Accessed 5/10/18)

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