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CDA 10-036 – HSR Study

CDA 10-036
Improving Depression Care Following Psychiatric Hospitalization
Paul N Pfeiffer, MD MS
VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, Ann Arbor, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Funding Period: July 2010 - June 2015
Depressive disorders are common among Veterans and are associated with decreased work productivity, disability, poor quality of life, and increased suicide risk. About 10% of depressed Veterans treated in VA outpatient mental health clinics are psychiatrically hospitalized each year. Providing high quality depression care after hospitalization is important because the risks of persistent functional impairment, relapse, and suicide are much higher during this time. This research aims to address this gap in knowledge about the type of care received and identify how care might be improved during this critical juncture.

This project will comprehensively assess the care provided to depressed Veterans following a psychiatric hospitalization and use these findings to develop interventions to enhance mental health servics for this population. The study will incorporate three main goals: 1) to characterize depression care received by Veterans following hospitalization for depression, 2) assess the perceptions and concerns of recently discharged depressed patients to understand barriers to optimal post-hospitalization care, and 3) develop and test the feasibility of a pilot intervention to provide enhanced depression care services for patients following a psychiatric hospitalization.

This first aim of this project is a retrospective cohort study using demographic, clinical, and service utilization data for all depressed VA patients with a psychiatric hospitalization to examine measures of guideline concordant depression care and trends in care following VA quality improvement initiatives. The second aim includes a mailed survey and qualitative data collection from recently discharged patients to assess preferences for services and barriers to effective post-hospitalization care. The third aim is a pilot study of health service intervention that includes automated monitoring and enhanced social support to improve post-hospital care for depression.

Not yet available.

Understanding the quality of depression care and barriers to care after discharge from a psychiatric hospitalization is essential to improving care and outcomes. The findings from the CDA work suggest that timely follow up alone is not enough to improve many care processes. Longer-term support for these high risk depressed VA patients is indicated and study results indicate that individual therapy as well as family and peer support are preferred by patients. Pilot study findings suggest that receiving enhanced support from family members/friends or a VA peer support specialist is associated with high patient satisfaction, although the impact on mental health outcomes and treatment requires futher study. Social support interventions may require additional structure and training for the support person in order to be effective.

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DRA: Mental, Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders, Health Systems
DRE: Prevention
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