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CDA 10-209 – HSR Study

CDA 10-209
Effectively Involving Diabetes Caregivers in the VA Medical Home
Ann-Marie Rosland, MD MS
VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System, Ann Arbor, MI
Ann Arbor, MI
Funding Period: September 2011 - August 2016
The overall goal of this research is to lay the groundwork for development of clinical interventions that leverage caregivers' significant presence, interest, and influence on veterans' diabetes management, in order to improve veterans' diabetes outcomes.

We aim to 1)identify the illness-care support roles that informal caregivers currently have in VHA primary care of diabetes, 2)assess the potential, and most promising means, for providers to engage caregivers of diabetes patients, 3)examine the most effective and feasible ways to support diabetes caregiver effectiveness within the VA PACT (Patient Centered Medical Home) context of care, and 4) develop clinical programs for use in the VA PACT that will support engagement and effectiveness of caregivers of diabetes patients.

Initial qualitative research (Aim 1.1) will involve interviews with veterans with approximately 20 veterans with high-risk diabetes, their caregivers, and approximately 20 primary care clinical staff members about caregiver roles in medical care of diabetes and in navigating the health system, and needs for support of these caregiver roles. The results will inform development of instruments that assess specific caregiver roles and needs in diabetes care (Aim 1.2). Then we will conduct a needs assessment via a survey among 1000 Ann Arbor VA patients with high-risk diabetes (Aim 2), to assess the needs for and most potentially effective content for a local diabetes caregiving intervention. We will link survey responses to patient clinical and administrative data to further evaluate caregiving support needs by patient sub-group (such as those with multiple comorbidities). Finally, the results of Aims 1 and 2 will guide the development of a pilot intervention (Aim 3) that will be tested locally in preparation for an intervention trial.

Not yet available.

This project will provide information on specific and clinically-relevant ways that caregivers help patients manage chronic illnesses, and that clinicians can use to better engage and support these caregivers. The CO-IMPACT intervention will help Veterans and the VA identify ways that caregivers can more effectively support patient diabetes management and health system navigation. If successful, this intervention could be implemented in VA PACT clinical practice and could be adapted to patients with other chronic health management needs.

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DRA: Aging, Older Veterans' Health and Care, Diabetes and Other Endocrine Conditions
DRE: Treatment - Observational, Treatment - Efficacy/Effectiveness Clinical Trial
Keywords: none
MeSH Terms: none

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