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Step 1 - Veteran Poster Submission | 2022 HSR&D/QUERI National Conference

Step 1

Veteran Poster Contact Information

(** = required field)
Dr. Ms. Mr. Mx.
**First Name:
**Last Name:
Degree (MD, PhD, etc., if applicable):
Related VA-funded Project Title:

Project Title:

**Phone Number (123-456-7890) plus ext. if needed:

**Email Address:
** Poster Title:
(150 char. max)

** Will you be presenting this abstract at the conference?

Yes     No

If the Lead Author is NOT the Lead Presenter, please enter LAST NAME, and first and middle INITIALS for the lead presenter (for John G. Smith, you would enter Smith JG).

Project Funded By:
(250 char. max)

Author List

Please provide the name and affiliation of all faculty. Please enter LAST NAME, and first and middle INITIALS (for John G. Smith, you would enter Smith JG). Please identify the Session Coordinator (denoted in red below), followed by other session faculty. NOTE: a maximum of 5 total faculty including partners is permitted. At least one partner is required.

**Lead Author:

All other authors in order of authorship
Please include Last Name, First Initial, Middle Initial (optional), and Center affiliation in parenthesis, e.g.:

Smith JG (National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans, University of Alabama School of Public Health)
Johnson FT (Drexel University, Dornsife Scool of Public Health)
Mendoza B (Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion, Philadelphia)

Please read carefully and follow the instructions below.

The abstract should be 500 words (total, not per question) or less. Your abstract should address the following:

  1. Objective: In one or two sentences, describe the purpose or mission of your project or Veteran Engagement Group.
  2. Background: Briefly summarize your Veteran Engagement Group(s) or Project(s).
  3. Methods: What is your role in the project or VEG? Describe the ways that you engage with other team members.
  4. Results: What has come out of this partnership?
  5. Conclusion: Why is this project/collaboration important? What does the future of this project or group look like? Do you see any needs for improvement?
  6. Implications: Do you feel your project or VEG equitably represents the diversity within your Veteran community? If not, what are your recommendations?

Also note: Use only plain text. Special characters (e.g., symbols or formatting) will be lost when the abstract is stored. Please spell out terms rather than using symbols (e.g., Chi-squared, R-squared). You may use >= or <= for "greater than or equal to" or "less than or equal to," respectively.

Do not use tables, figures or graphics of any kind in your abstract. They will be lost when the abstract is saved.









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